Comic 46 - 46 - "tits for cock??"

Jul 28, 2011 in Chapter 2
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46 - "tits for cock??"
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Author Notes:

Allan 7/28/2011 edit delete
This original strip was in teal, because I am using colors to merge one story line into another, buuuuut the teal was a little too jarring so I took it out. Never be afraid to change your mind as an artist, even if it means completely scrapping a whole page's color or even the whole page!


Kyo 7/28/2011 edit delete reply
I am pleased to see you/this over here
Allan 7/28/2011 edit delete reply
Happy to be here, Kyo. Glad to see everything's still going well!
Kyo 7/28/2011 edit delete reply
Course it is. Just doin' my thang.

Poor DrunkDuck.
FFAA 8/3/2011 edit delete reply
hey how's it going. This is a great thing you've got here, I'm glad to be able to be reading it from top! Welcome around!
Mutton 8/7/2011 edit delete reply
Is that the "Snake eating the Baby Chicken" Gif in the top panel?
Allan 12/11/2011 edit delete reply
Good eye!