Comic 53 - 53 - A Few Graphics

Jul 31, 2011 in Chapter 2
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53 - A Few Graphics
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Author Notes:

Allan 7/31/2011 edit delete
Did I mention before that this is a mature comic?

Well if you didn't know, now you do!

And thanks for the warm CF welcome, guys. It's awesome to be on here, glad we can SHARE COMIX.


Foxx 7/31/2011 edit delete reply
Hahaha XD This is freaking hilarious. I like her facial expression in the last panel too. Too classic!
Shipp 7/31/2011 edit delete reply
Oh man. I love how her art looks EXACTLY like the comic's real life.

This is as good as it gets.
Oh Awkwaaaaard.
Linden 7/31/2011 edit delete reply
AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love this comic already.
But what if he's hung like that caveman looking beast on the left?! Will she learn then?! I'd like to think, she'll learn MORE...
Kyo 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
Haha, bold.
I wonder how this will affect her grade?
well, good thing that there's only like, 3 other people in "homosexuality 204" with her.

also, lawelite, NICE avy. Anhedonia blue kicks ass, too bad he doesn't update it anymore (it's only lawls now)
SamN 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
Good thing I was not at my job when i opened this (I work at a summer camp) That would have spawned way to many questions :/
The tasteful censoring of the breast in the first panel goes really well with the large quantity of dick in the rest of the comic.

Also, Allan, I've noticed one thing about this comic, the plot often looks like it's about to travel into the realm of porn, but it never quite get's there.

Allan 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
I'm never going to draw porn, but there will probably be sex. Just not gratuitous amounts of it.
Concho 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
Not really sure whats going on. I didn't really like the sudden change to the class but it's fine. I'm guessing she is having an anxiety attack and it really isn't as bad as she thinks but I could be wrong. If I am wrong then WHY would she be drawing those? And WHY would she show them to anyone?
Allan 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
These are good questions. These are the questions I like to see.
the amount of penis...
Allan 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
I think I counted 8
I'd feel honored.
I see this happening to someone in college right now.
Thank god she's sitting in a first row seat. :D
Awesome fantasy pr0n sketchbook. Also, I like the purple frames. Good job!