Comic 54 - 54 - Well That Explains It

Aug 01, 2011 in Chapter 2
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54 - Well That Explains It
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Author Notes:

Allan 8/1/2011 edit delete
Some of you may have seen this coming. Others, may have not. Either way, this should answer any questions you may have.

Someone once told me having "the whole thing be a dream" is a cop-out. I disagree, especially when the dream just helps add layers to the characters.

And thanks for being so... observant of the characters and their activities. It encourages me strive to be a better writer, and to connect the dots.

More later.


Shipp 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
I don't care about adding layers.

I just want to see tits.
Kyo 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
Well now everything makes a lot more sense

kind of disappointed though, I was curious where this was going to go.
I never got that I'm naked but I'm wearing a tie thing. Unless you're into asphyxiation! In that case it's totally normal!
What? I thought everyone was actually BORN with a tie on!!!
Allan 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
tbh I drew it like this because even when he's naked, Amy's subconscious is still projecting "TEACHER, TEACHER, TEACHER" on him, and what's more teacherly than a tie!
Kyo 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
and half a shirt fused to his skin
go down to your business socks
Kyo 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
btw in response to your tweet; You can change your comic time zone in your webcomic settings (which is in the "info/settings" tab)

CF is on GMT by default
Allan 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
good to know!
Mutton 8/1/2011 edit delete reply
The ending was kinda obvious.

The question is, does the dream continue on from this point, or does she wake up with the female equivalent of morning wood?
Same queston as ^.

also didnt see this coming really...
I'm totally just noticing how much you've grown as an artist. Damn, the style in BC is just so different from Allan. I'm a fan of pretty much everything you do, and I don't know why I'm not on your forum yet.
lol. i tried the forum once. got out-assholed (which is impressive)
Allan 8/4/2011 edit delete reply
it's not really the place to be. if you are really interested in joining our tight-knit community, skype chat is the place!
Linden 8/2/2011 edit delete reply
A dream?! How 'bout a lucid dream? :D
reminding me of something but since I can't link it...whatever.
Hey, it's like the beginning of "Hush" (Buffy season 4). So does this dream come with a delphic warning?
Allan 8/5/2012 edit delete reply
Just watched this episode yesterday. As for the warning... I guess we'll see!