Comic 55 - 55 - A Lady

Aug 05, 2011 in Chapter 2
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55 - A Lady
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Author Notes:

Allan 8/5/2011 edit delete
We haven't come full-circle, yet, but give it time. Maybe it'll happen?

In the meantime, here's more blue!


Does she count as a lady though? :P
Allan 8/5/2011 edit delete reply
read them alt notes ;D
Kyo 8/5/2011 edit delete reply
god damnit now I'm gonna have to read the archives again

thanks allan

thanks for nothing
Wil 8/5/2011 edit delete reply
Allan 8/6/2011 edit delete reply
oh you're SO WELCOME
Concho 8/9/2011 edit delete reply
Pardon my ignorance but what is an alt note? and how do I read it?
Kyo 8/10/2011 edit delete reply
hover your mouse over the comic image, and this yellow box with text in it will pop up

that's a title text or sometimes called alt text/alt note
I bet waking up to the smell of this slop on the stove is like experiencing another nightmare!
MyName 8/5/2011 edit delete reply
You got a problem with oatmeal?
Allan 8/6/2011 edit delete reply
Yeah, youse gots a problem wit' oatmeal, HAT-MAN?
That's a nice pot there, Allan.
Allan 8/6/2011 edit delete reply
Matt, I'll have you know that pot took planning.
my god this comic is damn funny.
Allan 8/6/2011 edit delete reply
Nicest comment of the day #1.
What a wonderful comic :D
Allan 8/6/2011 edit delete reply
Nicest comment of the day #2.
dumbest comment of the day one
Mutton 8/6/2011 edit delete reply
I've been wondering Allan, where did your idea for this comic come from?

What made you decide to write a slice of life comic about three girls living in a dorm?

Also, fucking alt notes, now I have to read everything again. Damnit.
Allan 8/6/2011 edit delete reply
I was at my parents house, getting my braces off. One unspecific night my parents were asleep and I was confined to the guest room. While I was there I was trying to think what to draw.

I was like, "I should practice drawing women since I'm not very good at them." So I did. But it was boring. I couldn't keep drawing these nameless women. There was one girl that stuck out, though.

So I made up a story about her. Her name was Amy. Then I realized I really liked the story, and that I didn't need to make the story have a gimmick or adventure or danger—that I could just write about some girls and their lives and it could still be enjoyable.

So after a few weeks of planning, Blue Circus was born!
And presto chango The comical awkward dream fades, and life goes on for the poor love starved gal XD. Good to see you haven't lost your touch Allan
othello 8/15/2011 edit delete reply
So,how do you make your comic look the way it does?
He does his comics by being allan. If yoru allan you can draw anything XD
I love that pose in the last panel.
So much.
Just found this comic while living in Argentina for a semester and think it is awesome. Also, there is no internet so I´m in an internet cafe and have a feeling the people behind me were reading over my shoulder making the whole teacher story line sort of awkward...