Comic 57 - 57 - Happy Hubris

Sep 26, 2011 in Chapter 2
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57 - Happy Hubris
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Author Notes:

Allan 9/26/2011 edit delete
Just a short one this time.

You may notice that often the art in this strip will shift and change. Well that is because this is just a comic I do for fun and I like experimenting. This is something I tell myself so I can draw hardcore porn and feel good about myself.

Kidding. But seriously.


I just discovered this comic, and I'm going to have to say, it's one of the best I've seen. I love how even the porn is done in a funny and generally semi-erotic way. The art style is great, the characters are well-written, and I love the exposition. In every sense of the word.
Allan 9/26/2011 edit delete reply
Thank you, AJ! I'm always curious as to what any new readers might think of the strips I make, so it's good to hear that people are still enjoying it!
Kyo 9/26/2011 edit delete reply
This is softcore porn at best

gotta up the ante here, if you want me to keep reading
Guest 9/26/2011 edit delete reply
Danny 9/26/2011 edit delete reply
You should probably change the entire setting of this story to a universe that is exactly the same as earth, except clothes were never invented. Also, street rape is legal.
Allan 9/27/2011 edit delete reply
I've always wanted a story where everyone is completely naked and no one noticed... Your idea is close enough, but I wouldn't include the rape... Which is strange, since I'm big into taboos.
man in black
hardcore porn is good if you can manage it
Oh, it moved again. No wonder it never updated past page 53. Kept having to look over my shoulder before I checked the comic >.>
Oh Allan how its always funny to see what shinanigans you put these girls in every situation. What awaits them in the future I can;t wait to see
Guest 9/27/2011 edit delete reply
if you are going to have sex make it real and loving or drunken and horrible.
realistic is what i am saying
Allan 9/28/2011 edit delete reply
I concur.
Man, that's a hairy boob.
Wil 10/5/2011 edit delete reply
"Oh my God. She's got hair growing out of her boobs and up to her head!"
Nono, I believe her freckles have just taken over her body :D
hoksu 10/10/2011 edit delete reply
Do you write the script while daydreaming? Lots of nudity, jei! ;D