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Nov 28, 2011 in Chapter 2
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Allan 11/28/2011 edit delete
So I just got an Intuous 4, and it is my Favorite New Thing so here is this sketchy strip. I think I'm going to keep 'em sketchy for a while so I can focus on more pages, less time dedicated.

Also, if you know about my other comic, Allan, I'm trying to get a book made. Click if you're interested in learning more!


mathewnew 11/28/2011 edit delete reply
I actually kinda dig this more sketchy style.
Shaggers 11/28/2011 edit delete reply
This comic is so fucking awesome. I love it.
Unka John 11/28/2011 edit delete reply
Unka John
It's good to see a cartoonist who can do backgrounds. Huzzah!
synwells 11/28/2011 edit delete reply
man in black
great page
Alden 11/30/2011 edit delete reply
Am I the only one slightly terrified that she's walking into what seems to be a water closet with a frat name on it?
Tom 11/30/2011 edit delete reply
The feel of this strip sorta reminds me of George Herrimans style in the Krazy Kat strips. Nice work
Allan 12/11/2011 edit delete reply
That is quite the complement! Thanks, Tom!
I said it last time and I'll say it again: I've got a bad feeling about this.

I'm betting on "pig party" or the like? Poor thing. :(
Akaneiro 11/30/2011 edit delete reply
So help me if it is, I'm gonna go Ragin' up in here
That place looks a bit to much like a rape shack. D: