Comic 64 - 64 - Insane in the Fedora-Brain

Mar 23, 2014 in Chapter 2
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64 - Insane in the Fedora-Brain
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Author Notes:

Allan 3/23/2014 edit delete
woops I had to upload this before the joke about relevancy was no longer relevant

EDIT: ok well I am sorry if the text on this one's a little small. You can read a bigger version here.

also notice I used screentones for this one? I think I'll keep doing that for a little while B)


HapyCow 3/23/2014 edit delete reply
No way Allan! I had no idea you were on Comic Fury AND still writing this comic!! O.O That's awesome! Welp, guess I have to catch up. I like the screen tones.
Allan 3/23/2014 edit delete reply
I've been on hiatus for so long, but chiselling away at roughs for this storyline! I'm finally at a place where I felt like I could stop drawing roughs and actually finish a page for a change :B

How are you, HC? I'll be sure to swing by your projects which I hope are doin' swell!
HapyCow 3/24/2014 edit delete reply
Well I'm glad you're getting comics done again. :) I just started doing comics again too, I almost have Chapter 1 finished. :D It's doing SO well! I'm super "Hapy"
Glad to see ya back buddy.
Allan 3/26/2014 edit delete reply
Love the warm return welcome :3 Thanks, Sket
man in black
Yes you should of noticed the baseball bat
Allan 3/26/2014 edit delete reply
but it was SO inconspicuous!
Shipp 3/23/2014 edit delete reply
:OOOO You live! I was just rereading this a few days ago. We missed you!

Allan 3/26/2014 edit delete reply
I missed YOU! I love the community here. Happy to start updating again :]
tracy 5/3/2014 edit delete reply
found this love this and it has been a hard winter and the vortex...well i stopped by for a tarot reading to find out what to do and what is happening in world. Someone said they couldn't give me a music lesson because i am a charity case...paid in advance....??? this cheered me and love it and my kid is artist too so thanks and keep on keeping on while I search for the right fadora...